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Ew! Gross! Christmas is in 4 months!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

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Friday, March 26th, 2010

hey! remember me? eh, yeah. sorry. i’ve been away for good reason…

for a long time, i’ve wanted to do some type of volunteer work that was more than stuffing envelopes – not to diminish the importance of envelopes or stuffing – but i need something more than that. aaaaaaanyhoo, my pal mk mckenna had done some fantastic photog work for this group i’d never heard of: KidsAreHeroes.

helping-planetv3turns out, KAH has over 16,000 followers on twitter, and has featured over 100 KIDS who are CHANGING the WORLD, one project at a time. it’s amazing work, featuring strong, motivated, creative and exciting kids!

over a month after learning about this group, checking into their Web site (, and following their tweets, i e-mailed mk and asked for an introduction to gabe – one of the co-founders of this incredible organization.

what IS KidsAreHeroes, you ask?
gabe o’neill and his daughter marymargaret started KAH with a mission to showcase and inspire kids of all ages to help other people, the planet and animals. get this: on marymargaret’s 9th birthday, she asked for donations to Defenders of Wildlife rather than presents (that’s pretty impressive for any kid (or adult for that matter)!). with that, KidsForHeroes was born and gabe and marymargaret have been sharing their message by shouting it from the rooftops, tweeting, facebooking, meeting, laughing and inspiring their way to a wonderful group of kids, supporters and friends.

so, what the heck am I doing?
doodling, duh! what ELSE would i be doing? i told gabe that i wanted to be part of this, but i ain’t no kid, and i certainly ain’t got any brilliant ideas about saving the world, but i do have some creativity that i wanted to share with those who support the cause and those kids (and their parents!) who are contributing to it. these kids are nuts (in the good way) – taking time out of their other “kid” duties (video games and bike riding are still important, too) to really consider something bigger than they are and trying to do something about it.

after a couple of phone calls with gabe, we came up with some ideas for graphic art for them and i’m so very excited to show you the first piece – the “We’re Saving the Planet” shirt. it’s already up on zazzle ready to be purchased and proudly worn. see? (scary link, click it anyway). i’m also a KAH ambassador which means i’m helping gabe and mary margaret spread the word, so consider this my first attempt. :)

anyway, i hope you’ll check in on KidsAreHeroes, and if nothing else, i hope it inspires you to think about kids as heroes…and i bet if you think about it, you know some heroes in your life.

a doodle for the cold weather…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

brucefacebook is great. random people can find you, tell you they love your work, & dive head first into a spectacular Christmas present.  bruce found me on facebook & wanted a Christmas gift for his wife – something different, fun, something she’d NEVER guess in a million years. clearly, a doodle fits the bill! bruce & his wife love mexico and have traveled there for relaxing warm vacations.  iowa is cold. like, REALLY cold. like so cold, that when i lived there as a kiddo, there would be no snow, but we wouldn’t have school because our faces would freeze off if we went outside. i love the cold, but when it’s THAT cold, you do anything & everything you can to stay warm…including drawing pictures of things that remind you of warm weather like beaches & tropical drinks. i was able to capture the warmth of the mexico beach even though it’s about 10 degrees in iowa (seriously, i was just there…yowza). i was thrilled when bruce wrote and let me know that his wife called this gift one her favorite ever – thanks, bruce! :)

p.s. if you aren’t a fan on facebook, you really should…please? i’ll make it easy for you: CLICK THIS

a wedding map! a quinnep first.

Monday, December 14th, 2009

i am really, REALLY lucky. i have a great group of fantastic photographers who give me referrals all the time. this doodle is just one example of such luck. mary kate mckenna gave kerry my name a few months ago & from there, kerry & i talked about something i’ve never done before: a map. holy goodness – it was SO much fun. first of all, kerry is awesome – she was open to lots of different ideas i had & was genuinely excited to give me the chance to try something new – not something everyone would be up for! i could not be happier with the way this map turned out, in fact, i already have gotten an order for another one! i am really hoping that i am able to do lots more of these (so tell your friends!) – it was such a change from my normal doodles, & it really helped me focus on details in a whole new way. i consider myself truly lucky to have such great friends & such encouraging clients! thank you, mk & kerry!

december desktop calendar!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

i’ve decided it might be fun to start creating new monthly desktop calendars for free download! my friends are often asking me for fun backgrounds, so i thought this would be a great way to offer that!

boys, it’s bright pink – so you might not love it…january, i promise will be a little more boy-friendly. :)

5 sizes available:


enjoy! & don’t forget…only 23 days until christmas!

shh! it’s a christmas present doodle surprise!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

talk about a great present! kristen asked me to doodle her family & her parents’ dream house that they’re finally about to live in! we were able to go back & forth over e-mail & get this just how kristen wanted it. we included some silly inside jokes, the house, some texas a&m flare & of course, the beloved family dog. kristen is pretty sure her mama is gonna cry when she sees this, but only happy tears, of course. i really can’t wait to hear about the gift giving this Christmas & i know kristen can hardly wait to give this gift! this doodle is being printed on 24×20 canvas from CanvasOnDemand! one for mama & dad & one for kristen, too!

the "canvasiszed" version!
the canvasized version!

a housewarming present! worth the wait!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

this has been a looooong time coming. i am quite possibly, the worst secret keeper EVAH & this one was quite a challenge. jatana vanek (a super real estate agent) asked me to doodle this fantastic doodle of dan, emily, 2 of the silliest doggies in the world & 1 shy cat. that’s their house – it’s no joke robin-egg blue and purple – i think they should keep it like that…they aren’t so sure. so before they were able to paint it, i whipped up this doodle as a house warming present to be given by Jatana to her clients (such a great idea!) – now they’ll NEVER be able to forget its beauty. i see dan & em fairly regularly as they are evie & christian’s aunt & uncle & it’s been really hard not to spill the proverbial beans. but i made it! jatana dropped of the printed & framed gift this afternoon & i’m happy to report it was quite a hit! :)

welcome to maryland, dan & em!

a birthday present: happy day to my cousin, spencer!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

i know, i KNOW it’s been ages! but i’m mostly alive and kind of kicking.

i am very excited to share with you my latest doodle – my very awesome cousin spencer! :)

spenc is a snowboarding, dj-ing, fun-loving, all around excellent dude & when his mom, my aunt, asked me to doodle him up a birthday present, i knew it would come out great. he’s always wearing a smile & his 2 doggies are just the cutest!

my aunt & uncle own The Boardroom, a really fantastic snowboard shop in Ellicottville, NY where my mom and her 9 younger sisters & brothers (ooy!) grew up. The Boardroom is totally THE place to go if you need boarding equipment or have questions about the sport. they have a very excellent site you should check out at

stay tuned for a great christmas present surprise and my first ever wedding map!

happy hump day!


quinnep doodles holiday sale! get $25 off!

Friday, September 11th, 2009

knoxville, here we come!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

the blonde creative is headed to knoxville for the long weekend to visit jessi ringer! jaime windon and i will be hopping in the car and driving down for what i can only imagine to be an insanely fun & entertaining weekend! back on monday! have a great labor day!