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september desktop calendar!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

r: 138 g:31 b:3

guess who’s getting married this month? ME. that’s who. did you get it right? great! you win the prize of a fancy desktop calendar for this month.

based off of our wedding reception invites, this design is our way of welcoming fall! jeremiah & i picked late september for the wedding because we both run a little hot. he calls me his “little heater,” and we thought cooler temperatures might keep things…drier. the first question we asked the wedding coordinator was “there’s a/c in here, right?!” we love the fall and its colors, but mostly, generally hate the summer heat. :) also, with family sprawled out along ny, ma, ia, oh, and mi, we thought it best not to get to close to winter or the wedding might be just the 2 of us.

here’s to a wonderful fall to you and yours, and here’s to the beginning of my life as a hankins. i can’t wait!

quinnep doggie, ahem, doodle special!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

in honor of the NEWEST and CUTEST (sorry, kids) member of the doodle house,
get $25 off a doodle that includes your favorite furry friend!

offer expires may 31, 2011

october desktop calendar – a very exciting month!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

october is my favorite month. it means real true fall weather, no more of this hot MD crap they call a summer. plus, TONS going on!

oct 7: i turn 28. weeee!
oct 9: the warrior dash – the inspiration for this month’s calendar. a 3.15 mile obstacle course i’ll be running with some of my dearest friends! a little viking never hurt anyone, and for whatever reason, i find the viking to be very autumnal.
oct 13: day off! thank you, mr. columbus for doing whatever it is we think you maybe did.
oct 16-17: the only free weekend i’ll have in 8 weeks.
oct 23-24: crossfit kids certification in VA! can’t wait – gonna be a great time!
oct 30: a big 40th birthday extravaganza for my pal, keli.
oct 31: HALLOWEEN! i’ll be sporting the cheeseburger costume, yet again. stay tuned for a CrossFit Cheeseburger Workout photo or 2.

for this month’s calendar, please set your background color to: R: 62 G: 45 B: 1

Ew! Gross! Christmas is in 4 months!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

e-mail me at for more information & to get started!

august desktop calendar!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

i don’t know about you, but i can’t *believe* it’s already august. the kids go back to school in just 23 days (thank goodness!). this incredibly hot summer flew by!

as summer draws to a close, i’m hoping to get a few more peaceful moments at the pool sleeping soundly while floating back and forth in the cool water – wishful thinking, i imagine – but isn’t that the best kind?

be helpful.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


not to name names (jeremiah james hankins)…

but if you have a loved one, whether it be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, third cousin – thrice removed…and they hate spiders – like REALLY hate spiders…be helpful. don’t make them stand precariously on the bed while you lie there & laugh at them as they try to suck it up with their beloved dyson. they weren’t made for that. dysons are spider-free zones.

thank you. that is all.

april desktop calendar…what will you be today?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

april desktop calendarin honor of all of the wonderful things happening with KidsAreHeroes this month, i wanted to get everyone thinking about what they can do each day to make a difference. whether it be helping someone in need or sharing inspiration, consider each day on this month’s calendar as a possibility to BE!

so go ahead, ask yourself…what will you be today?

just one size this month – go ahead and center and set your background color to black. :)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

hey! remember me? eh, yeah. sorry. i’ve been away for good reason…

for a long time, i’ve wanted to do some type of volunteer work that was more than stuffing envelopes – not to diminish the importance of envelopes or stuffing – but i need something more than that. aaaaaaanyhoo, my pal mk mckenna had done some fantastic photog work for this group i’d never heard of: KidsAreHeroes.

helping-planetv3turns out, KAH has over 16,000 followers on twitter, and has featured over 100 KIDS who are CHANGING the WORLD, one project at a time. it’s amazing work, featuring strong, motivated, creative and exciting kids!

over a month after learning about this group, checking into their Web site (, and following their tweets, i e-mailed mk and asked for an introduction to gabe – one of the co-founders of this incredible organization.

what IS KidsAreHeroes, you ask?
gabe o’neill and his daughter marymargaret started KAH with a mission to showcase and inspire kids of all ages to help other people, the planet and animals. get this: on marymargaret’s 9th birthday, she asked for donations to Defenders of Wildlife rather than presents (that’s pretty impressive for any kid (or adult for that matter)!). with that, KidsForHeroes was born and gabe and marymargaret have been sharing their message by shouting it from the rooftops, tweeting, facebooking, meeting, laughing and inspiring their way to a wonderful group of kids, supporters and friends.

so, what the heck am I doing?
doodling, duh! what ELSE would i be doing? i told gabe that i wanted to be part of this, but i ain’t no kid, and i certainly ain’t got any brilliant ideas about saving the world, but i do have some creativity that i wanted to share with those who support the cause and those kids (and their parents!) who are contributing to it. these kids are nuts (in the good way) – taking time out of their other “kid” duties (video games and bike riding are still important, too) to really consider something bigger than they are and trying to do something about it.

after a couple of phone calls with gabe, we came up with some ideas for graphic art for them and i’m so very excited to show you the first piece – the “We’re Saving the Planet” shirt. it’s already up on zazzle ready to be purchased and proudly worn. see? (scary link, click it anyway). i’m also a KAH ambassador which means i’m helping gabe and mary margaret spread the word, so consider this my first attempt. :)

anyway, i hope you’ll check in on KidsAreHeroes, and if nothing else, i hope it inspires you to think about kids as heroes…and i bet if you think about it, you know some heroes in your life.

be inspired. be doodled.

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

the doodle for the day

so, it’s been a really long time since i’ve had time to just doodle to doodle – i’ve been fortunate to have a ton of amazing projects come my way, so don’t get me wrong, doodling i have done. but sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and just relax, and see where my doodling hand takes me. i’ve been perusing the interwebs recently looking for inspiration for new spins on my typical doodles. so many people are “doodling” these days – and it’s really fun to see. having said that, i want to be inspired to be different. i have been able to meet some really fantastic people over the last 18 months and they have all pushed me to be creative in different ways. what i’ve learned, that simple isn’t bad, inspiration can come from the strangest places, and no matter what – someone will love it. edits are a part of life, frustration is too, but if you’re lucky, after all the edits and all the frustration, you’ve provided someone with something to smile about – even if it’s just you.

here’s to a 2010 full of new inspiration, doodles…and most of all, smiles.

happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

happy birthday to me & this stunning hat! :)