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shh! it’s a christmas present doodle surprise!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

talk about a great present! kristen asked me to doodle her family & her parents’ dream house that they’re finally about to live in! we were able to go back & forth over e-mail & get this just how kristen wanted it. we included some silly inside jokes, the house, some texas a&m flare & of course, the beloved family dog. kristen is pretty sure her mama is gonna cry when she sees this, but only happy tears, of course. i really can’t wait to hear about the gift giving this Christmas & i know kristen can hardly wait to give this gift! this doodle is being printed on 24×20 canvas from CanvasOnDemand! one for mama & dad & one for kristen, too!

the "canvasiszed" version!
the canvasized version!

happy wedding!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

scariest coat ever.

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I love They very regularly enable me to a: find really cute things and b: spend money i don’t have. At least 2 times a week, I exchange links to the site with friends to show them things I would consider buying if I had money fell out of the sky like in those Wachovia commercials. Today, my pal Keli sent me a link to a coat she really likes by Marc Jacobs. It’s a very nice coat. Brown, puffy, detachable fur collar. Perfect for those blustery city days, or for looking mountain-chique on chilly winter mornings (I should send my resume to J. Peterman). Anyway, Bluefly does a really great thing where you can zoom in on, or, if necessary, see different views of what you’re looking at. I have to say, sometimes it’s helpful, and sometimes, like today, it’s frightening. The front view – very normal, great looking coat. The back, it’s nice – seems smooth and well made. The side view – of the Crypt Keeper – uuuuuum. No. The coat no longer looks plush, soft, warm, or anything else. It looks scary. Like you would be robbed of your childhood for putting it on. I no longer find this coat attractive. I also think, that for safety’s sake, I’m never shopping for coats on Bluefly again.