september desktop calendar!

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guess who’s getting married this month? ME. that’s who. did you get it right? great! you win the prize of a fancy desktop calendar for this month.

based off of our wedding reception invites, this design is our way of welcoming fall! jeremiah & i picked late september for the wedding because we both run a little hot. he calls me his “little heater,” and we thought cooler temperatures might keep things…drier. the first question we asked the wedding coordinator was “there’s a/c in here, right?!” we love the fall and its colors, but mostly, generally hate the summer heat. :) also, with family sprawled out along ny, ma, ia, oh, and mi, we thought it best not to get to close to winter or the wedding might be just the 2 of us.

here’s to a wonderful fall to you and yours, and here’s to the beginning of my life as a hankins. i can’t wait!

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  1. Lauren Says:

    WAHOOO!!!!!! I knew that 30 was highlighted for a reason! :) Can’t wait to officially call you “sis!”

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