honfest 2010! john waire: official honfest photographer!

waireas you may (or likely don’t) remember, last june i spent 2 amazing days with jaime windon in hampden at Honfest! she was a busy bee working as the official photographer of the event, capturing all of the silly moments, including the dunk tank! this year, she’s handed off that exciting duty to john waire! john is an über talented photog w/ a great eye…& he has some ridiculous cute kids! check out all of his stuff at http://johnwairephoto.com/blog.

through the magic of twitter, john & i started chatting & he asked me to put together a quick doodle of him for his honfest t-shirts. of course, i couldn’t turn down a chance to create a doodle, especially for such a fun event. john’s pretty clever w/ the tagline on these: “waire is my photographer…” LOVE IT!

if you don’t have plans june 12 & 13, i’d really recommend you making the trip to see what honfest is all about. great food, great people, & very much fun all around!


3 Responses to “honfest 2010! john waire: official honfest photographer!”

  1. johnwaire | photo Says:

    …you’re THE BEST! thank you so much.

  2. sara w. Says:

    AWESOME! looking forward to sporting my t-shirt!

  3. Brian Kopp Says:

    I must have one of these shirts. I will do any and everything necessary to have one.

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