hey! remember me? eh, yeah. sorry. i’ve been away for good reason…

for a long time, i’ve wanted to do some type of volunteer work that was more than stuffing envelopes – not to diminish the importance of envelopes or stuffing – but i need something more than that. aaaaaaanyhoo, my pal mk mckenna had done some fantastic photog work for this group i’d never heard of: KidsAreHeroes.

helping-planetv3turns out, KAH has over 16,000 followers on twitter, and has featured over 100 KIDS who are CHANGING the WORLD, one project at a time. it’s amazing work, featuring strong, motivated, creative and exciting kids!

over a month after learning about this group, checking into their Web site (, and following their tweets, i e-mailed mk and asked for an introduction to gabe – one of the co-founders of this incredible organization.

what IS KidsAreHeroes, you ask?
gabe o’neill and his daughter marymargaret started KAH with a mission to showcase and inspire kids of all ages to help other people, the planet and animals. get this: on marymargaret’s 9th birthday, she asked for donations to Defenders of Wildlife rather than presents (that’s pretty impressive for any kid (or adult for that matter)!). with that, KidsForHeroes was born and gabe and marymargaret have been sharing their message by shouting it from the rooftops, tweeting, facebooking, meeting, laughing and inspiring their way to a wonderful group of kids, supporters and friends.

so, what the heck am I doing?
doodling, duh! what ELSE would i be doing? i told gabe that i wanted to be part of this, but i ain’t no kid, and i certainly ain’t got any brilliant ideas about saving the world, but i do have some creativity that i wanted to share with those who support the cause and those kids (and their parents!) who are contributing to it. these kids are nuts (in the good way) – taking time out of their other “kid” duties (video games and bike riding are still important, too) to really consider something bigger than they are and trying to do something about it.

after a couple of phone calls with gabe, we came up with some ideas for graphic art for them and i’m so very excited to show you the first piece – the “We’re Saving the Planet” shirt. it’s already up on zazzle ready to be purchased and proudly worn. see? (scary link, click it anyway). i’m also a KAH ambassador which means i’m helping gabe and mary margaret spread the word, so consider this my first attempt. :)

anyway, i hope you’ll check in on KidsAreHeroes, and if nothing else, i hope it inspires you to think about kids as heroes…and i bet if you think about it, you know some heroes in your life.

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  1. Gabe O'Neill Says:

    We can’t thank you enough for your participation, Quinn. I don’t know how you do it, but your simple drawings convey so much emotion. We are so lucky to have you in our camp! I just made a kids size shirt now also for sale in the Zazzle store. Thanks for making me go broke!!

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