shh! it’s a christmas present doodle surprise!

talk about a great present! kristen asked me to doodle her family & her parents’ dream house that they’re finally about to live in! we were able to go back & forth over e-mail & get this just how kristen wanted it. we included some silly inside jokes, the house, some texas a&m flare & of course, the beloved family dog. kristen is pretty sure her mama is gonna cry when she sees this, but only happy tears, of course. i really can’t wait to hear about the gift giving this Christmas & i know kristen can hardly wait to give this gift! this doodle is being printed on 24×20 canvas from CanvasOnDemand! one for mama & dad & one for kristen, too!

the "canvasiszed" version!
the canvasized version!

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  1. kristen Says:

    ohyay! *warmfuzziesallaround*

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